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As a polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, Excelite invested in a new factory to manufacture swimming pool enclosures. Excelite swimming pool enclosures guarantee all our customers a 15 year warranty and can offer half the price and better quality control ability than any local manufacturer. You will get our full support during the installation process and safe payment assurance. Just tell us your pool size and let’s get started right now!

How Our Pool Enclosure Can Benefit Your Life

  • Enjoy your pool all year round regardless of the weather.
  • Extend your pool´s usage for more than 25 years.
  • Provide protection from damaging UV light.
  • Extra barrier between the water and those you love.
  • Reduces evaporation so you can save on water and chemicals.
  • No need to pick out dirt and leaves.


Polycarbonate Swimming Pool Enclosure Manufacturer

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Commonly Asked Questions

Our pool cover is constructed by Aluminum frame and Polycarbonate panel Frame material is 34mm*50mm 6063 T5 aluminium as below picture showed

Panel s 3mm thick clear solid polycarbonate sheet as below picture showed,

Solid Polycarbonate sheet get below typical advantages:

1. polycarbonate is high impact resistance. The solid polycarbonate sheet combines superior impact resistance and clarity, it is virtually unbreakable, 30 times impact resistance of tempered glass, about 300 times of common glass.

2. Anti-UV: We add anti-UV coatings on the surface of sheets, and it can protect your skin from skin cancer. It is also anti-aging, we provide a 15-year warranty, i enclosed the warranty , you can have a look.

3. Solid polycarbonate sheets are good insulators, so no heat is loss from swimming pool cover. Your swimming pool will remain warm at all times, it doesn’t matter whether it is at night or during cold winter. It will also save amount of money spent on heating swimming pool.

For frame, we follow RAL color card. Our standard frame color is natural silver RAL9006. We also have other aluminium colors available like green(RAL6005), White(RAL9016), Black (RAL9005), Coal gray ( RAL7016) . For substandard colors we need upcharge 20% as it need customization.

For Polycarbonate panel our standard color is clear and we also get light gray and dark gray for option which need upcharge 5%.

Our accessories and connectors are made by stainless steel SUS 316 which is high rust proof and get higher anti-corrosion performance than SUS304 accessories.

Our pool cover is retractable, one section inside the other, each section runs well on rails which are mounted ground. So you can slide( open or close) to each end as you like. And it is not removable.

Side from Bigger end to smaller end

Slide from middle to both ends

Yes, we can supply 2 M extension rails, then you cover can slide to the other side of the pool, just need to have upcharge of USD 200

The sections are attached to the rails by hooks, quite stable, would not be blowed by wind

Excelite has R&D Team grouped by senior technicians for more than 10 years working experiences.

We can provide customization service. As long as you provide your pool size, spec and request, our technician can design and customize pool cover for you.

Since the pool cover is telescopic, the inner height is the height of the height of the smallest section and the outer height is the height of the biggest section upper side .

The distance between the inner height and the outer height depends on the section qty, height difference of adjacent sections is about 58.5mm( half round models). So if your pool cover get 5 sections, and the inner height would be about 58.5*4=234 mm lower than outer height.

The width between the hooks is 70mm. So if the pool cover get 5 sections which need 5 hook lines, then the rails would be 280 mm.

it is only 30mm high which is safe to walk over,so never worry that it will break your fee

The length of each section is around 2580mm for model E. When the cover is retracted, the length would be around 2580mm.

Usually, we section length would be 2100-2600mm, depends on the design and whole cover length.

I also attached our design calculations about snow and wind pressure tests, you can have a look.

Snow pressure test report shows that based on snow pressure 1KN-㎡ (Equivalent to 34cm snow), our pool cover’s max displacement is only 2.59mm, the deformation rate is only 0.00183.

Wind pressure test report shows that based on wind pressure 1KN-㎡ (Equivalent to 120-140km/h), our pool cover’s max displacement is only 28.6mm, frame max stress is about 132.2Mpa and PC panel stress is about 8.4Mpa.

Condensation as well as vaporization occur as a natural effect that cannot be eliminated without air circulation. It is required to open the enclosure for 30 minutes every day in order to ventilate fresh air and get rid of the condensation effect.

We provide a 10 year warranty on Panel and equipment accessories, and 15 year warranty on aluminium. If necessary, we can provide guarantee letter for your record.

Installation is simple, as most of our clients are end consumers, and they can install very well by themselves. We have detaield installation brochure to guide you to finish it.

Yes, from the video, you can know it clearly. There will be handle on each section making it easy to slide each section well.

About this model E, the weight of each section is around 140kg, net weight for a set model E is about 600 – 700kg, it is no problem to slide easy by one person. (We also did many big pool enclosure some of them 11m*18m or 10m*20m, like these big sizes, it will need two persons to slide )

About clean, Polycarbonate sheet is similar as glass but different of superior impact resistance,it is very easy to clean and maintain, just use water or stupe wipping it, and it has cleaning function by itself when raining days, about the spider webs, we can move it away with same way cleaning.

Usually our clients will pay by T/T ( bank transfer) to our designated Citibank account. The transaction fee is charged by your bank and will vary by country, pls check with your local bank for details. It is also why, we suggest our clients transfer enough money to cover all the bank’s ‘service fee’ when using bank transfers. This will ensure that the we can receive your full payment and avoid any monetary loss caused by refunds or disputes. We can also draf contract on Alibaba platform to start business. There is a trade assurance service in Alibaba, if there is any quality or quantity problem, Alibaba will send a third party inspector to check the goods. If it is really have problem, Alibaba will compensate you in advance, then ask for compensation from us. I can draft contract on Alibaba, then Alibaba will send you email to confirm order and arrange payment. It is very safe. This is a link about paying by T/T, https://service.alibaba.com/buyer/faq_detail/14446880.htm you can have a look. About e-checking, which transaction fee fixed at $15, it is only available for customers with American bank’s checking account. You need to register an E-checking account, and Alibaba will verify your account. It may need much more time to process. The following is a link about E-checking, you can have a look, https://service.alibaba.com/buyer/faq_detail/14404612.htm Credit payment also supported.

Usually, it would take 45 days to produce it after the order confirmation.

The HS code is 7610900000 for exporting pool enclosure, you can have a check of import duty and other fees, per our experience, it may cost 5.8% VAT in America. Pls kindly check from your side.

The cover would be packed in wooden case as below:

The package is around 4 CBMS. The all in charge to your home based on DDU term would be around USD 1500.

We located in Jiangsu Suzhou, Very close to Shanghai, it is take 25mins by high speed train only, we are professional manufacturer of Polycarbonate engineer sheet for 16 years and we developed retractable Polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure in the past 4 years ago, we get very good feedback from our customer, we exported enclosure to various country, but North American ,Europe and Australia is our main market, we keep 15-20sets exporting at every month, 8-10sets to USA, it is largest, there are many inquiries from there, and we sent to Europe, Poland, Solvakia, UK, France, Sweden,Denmark, Netherland… we aim to provide affordable pool enclosure to every family to extend pool season! It would be warm welcome if you can visit our factory in the coming days.

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