Affordable Pool Enclosures in Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its unpredictable weather. It can be sunny, cloudy, rainy, and even hail in just a matter of hours. This drastic change in weather at frequent intervals can really test the quality of everything exposed to it. Swimming pools are easy and engaging means to indulge in some leisure time, relaxing and recovering from a busy schedule. Most of the swimming pools are outside where they are exposed to such harsh weather. This can damage the pool and its temperature control systems. Excelite Pool Enclosure provides high-quality screens and swimming pool enclosures, which protects your pool from Melbourne’s harsh weather.

Based in Suzhou, China, Excelite Pool Enclosure has been supplying products globally for the past five years and we are the biggest suppliers of pool enclosures in Asia. Our branch in Melbourne tailorsour services to Australian customers and provides active and efficient customer service.
In addition to pool enclosures, we also offer polycarbonate roofing sheets, polycarbonate solid sheets, and glamping domes.

Pool Enclosures that stand the test of time in Melbourne

Cheap pool enclosures often lack the quality and strength to last for a long period.At Excelite Pool Enclosure, we are not mere suppliers of pool enclosures, we manufacture our own pool enclosures from our factory. Due to this, we offer our products at very affordable prices, ensuring high quality. We offer cheap pool enclosures, which can stand the test of time. Our team highly emphasizes on high-quality products and service and offer a 15-year warranty on their products.

You can get onsite measurement for your pool enclosure, which will enable you to have a clear idea of how the pool enclosure will physically be. Pool enclosures are generally not preferred due to maintenance issues. Though they protect the pool, they are subject to weathering themselves and hence do not last very long. However, the enclosures offered by us are promised a 10-year guarantee and an all-weather service. They are turnkey completed and hence are easy to handle.

Excelite Pool Enclosure offers a variety of enclosures with different functions. They include:

  • Pool Equipment Enclosure
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures
  • Pool Screen
  • Retractable Pool Enclosure
  • Restaurant Patio Enclosure
  • Spa Enclosures
  • Deck Enclosure
  • Alfresco Enclosure

Customised enclosures for all dimensions:
Though swimming pool dimensions are standard, there are pools which are specially designed to complement a structure. Swimming pools associated with spas, restaurants, and resorts have a high degree of ornamental feature, which may differ from the standard dimensions. Such pools will need customised enclosures. At Excelite Pool Enclosure, we specialise in customised restaurant patio, spa, and alfresco enclosures,whichcan preserve the ornamental value of these pools and offer protection.

If you are looking for cheap pool enclosures in Melbourne that offer protection for your pool for extended periods, Excelite Pool Enclosure are the ones to go to. Our polycarbonate pool enclosures offer the best value for money for pool equipment enclosures. You can reach out to us on 0452 396 680or drop an email at for more details.