Alfresco Enclosures in Mornington

Incorporating access to outdoor areas in your house not only elevates the overall aesthetics of your house, it also helps you take a break from the artificially regulated environment and enjoy nature as it is. This can be enjoyed from within the comfort of your own home by having patios or alfresco areas.

As pleasing as it sounds, not taking care of these patio and alfresco areas within your house will lead to it losing its charm and value. Constantly monitoring and cleaning the areas is one way to maintain it, however, this will not necessarily save it from the effects of harsh weather. A smarter solution to that will be installing alfresco enclosures and patio enclosures. This will protect the enclosed area from the harsh weather and let you enjoy the space. Excelite Pool Enclosure has been providing top-quality alfresco enclosures in Mornington and other areas in Melbourne.

Mornington’s most popular Alfresco Enclosure Experts

Alfresco means “being in the cool air”. Most people have alfresco dining spaces in their homes to enjoy the cool air and nature, making it a pleasant dining experience. However, this space can be subject to a lot of unwanted interferences and other disadvantages if left open. Having an alfresco enclosure has many benefits. According to experts in Excelite Pool Enclosure, some of the benefits are:

  • The alfresco enclosure screens will protect you from insects, bugs, and birds from flying in
  • They can be used to stop gusts from pushing dust and dirt into the house on a windy day
  • These enclosures can protect all objects placed within the enclosure
  • They offer protection, and make sure you have a lovely view
  • They help reduce costs relating to heating and temperature control as the enclosures help treat the space like an extended room in the house
  • They can be utilized as an extra space when you have guests over
  • They save you from the chore of frequent cleaning and reduce the cost and effort involved in maintenance

Alfresco enclosures must be installed carefully by taking many things into consideration such as proper dimensions, view, utility, andoperation. Normally, Alfresco enclosures are expensive, however, if installed through manufacturers, they can be purchased at affordable prices. At Excelite Pool Enclosure, wehave our own factory for manufacturing enclosures and sheets. We offer our products at highly affordable prices and can be customised based on the customer’s requirements. In addition to alfresco enclosures, we also offer polycarbonate roofing sheets, polycarbonate solid sheets, and glamping domes.

Excelite Pool Enclosure offers a variety of enclosures with different functions. They include:

  • Pool Equipment Enclosure
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures
  • Pool Screen
  • Retractable Pool Enclosure
  • Restaurant Patio Enclosure
  • Spa Enclosures
  • Deck Enclosure

We offer a 15-year warranty on our products and take care of the complete installation process. We provide onsite measurements and turnkey completion for convenience.

If you are looking for affordablealfresco enclosures in Mornington that offer protection for your alfresco area for extended periods, Excelite Pool Enclosureis the one to go to. Our polycarbonate pool enclosures offer the best value for money for pool equipment enclosures. You can get in touch with us on 0452 396 680 or drop an email at for more details.