Pool Equipment Enclosures in Mount Martha

Swimming pools are more than just a pit with some water in it. They involve a lot of other equipment, which adds functional and aesthetic value, making the swimming pool that we all know. As much as people enjoy a leisurely swim in their swimming pool, a lot of maintenance goes behind making the swimming pool enjoyable. Swimming pool equipment play a key role in keeping the pool operational. While considering the costs involved in maintaining the pool, pool equipment make their fair contribution to it. Hence, it is essential to keep the pool equipment well protected. There is no better way to protect them than having pool equipment enclosures. Excelite Pool Enclosure, offering services in Mount Martha, have one of the best pool equipment enclosures in Melbourne.

Mount Martha’s Best Pool Equipment Enclosures

Based in Suzhou, China, Excelite Pool Enclosure has been supplying products globally for the past five years and are the biggest suppliers of pool enclosures in Asia. Our branch in Melbourne helps tailor our services to Australian customers and provide active and efficient customer service.
In addition to pool enclosures, wealso offers polycarbonate roofing sheets, polycarbonate solid sheets, and glamping domes.

Excelite Pool Enclosure offer a variety of enclosures with distinct functions. They include:

  • Pool Equipment Enclosure
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures
  • Pool Screen
  • Retractable Pool Enclosure
  • Restaurant Patio Enclosure
  • Spa Enclosures
  • Deck Enclosure
  • Alfresco Enclosure

Why Is Pool Equipment Enclosure Necessary?
Pool equipment are built to be outdoors. They can become victims of harsh weather, which reduces their lifespan. Keeping them in an enclosure offers protectionfrom weathering and prevents dust particles from interacting with the equipment.

Swimming pools that are open and exposed to rainfall may get contaminants from the rainwater. This will hinder the proper functioning of the pool pumps and pool filters. Shocking the pool is a necessity post rainfall. However, all this can be avoided if the swimming pool and the pool equipment are enclosed.

Covering your pool and the pool equipment every night can retain the heat in the pool, which can cut costs involved in using the pool heater. For swimming pools in places with many trees, fierce winds can change the appearance of the pool. The swimming pool becomes an unrecognisable pond of leaves, dirt, and debris. The pool equipment might get damaged if operated unchecked after a strong breeze. In such scenarios, you can save a lot of effort and time with a high-quality pool equipment enclosure from Excelite Pool Enclosure, which can withstand weathering and protect your pool equipment.

Our team emphasises majorly on high-quality products and services. We offer a 15-year warranty on all our products. Our turnkey pool equipment enclosures make them easy to use. From onsite measurement to all weather service, Excelite Pool Enclosure cover them all.

If you are looking for high-quality pool equipment enclosures in Mount Martha that offer protection for your pool for extended periods, Excelite Pool Enclosure is the one to go to. Our polycarbonate pool enclosures offer the best value for money. You can contact us via phone on 0452 396 680 or you can drop us an email at angela@excelite-enclosure.com.au for more details.