High Quality Pool Enclosures in Templestowe

Swimming is more than just exercise. People go swimming as a fun activity, to take a break from their busy lives. Having a swimming pool at home is very convenient; however, it also involves a lot of maintenance. Swimming pools out in the open are subject to various natural agents, which may change the entire outlook of the pool if left unchecked. For pools near trees, a strong wind can transform the pool into a pond of leaves and debris. Covering the pool will help prevent additional effort for maintenance and will extend the lifespan of the pool and the equipment used with it. For people living in Templestowe, access to high-quality swimming pool enclosures has never been easier as they have Excelite Pool Enclosures providing services in Templestowe.

Templestowe’s most popular Pool Enclosures

Having swimming pool enclosures is beneficial in many ways. From reducing costs centred on maintaining the pool to ensuring safety, swimming pool enclosures provide high functional value. They help in:
Reducing evaporation:
Pool enclosures prevent sunlight from directly interacting with the pool water and help reduce evaporation. We offer polycarbonate sheets and enclosures, which ensures well-rounded protection from the sun.

Reduces chemical usage:
Reducing evaporation automatically reduces the usage of chemicals. These chemicals can cause red eyes, skin irritation, and allergies. Having a swimming pool enclosure can reduce chemical usage up to 60%.

Retain heat:
Covering the swimming pool at night with a high-quality swimming pool enclosure, like the ones offered by Excelite Pool Enclosures, can help retain heat and keep the pool water warm, especially for pools heated by sunlight. This can reduce pool heating costs for pools with a heater.

Reduces Energy Costs:
Swimming pool enclosures greatly contribute to reduction in electricity prices as they reduce the usage of pool heaters and chemicals used to treat the water.

Less effort for maintenance:
Swimming pool maintenance can involve a lot of effort. From vacuuming the pool to fishing for objects inside the pool, having a swimming pool enclosure can save you from the effort involved in keeping your swimming pool well maintained.

Increases safety:
Safety is an important aspect when it comes to swimming pools. Swimming pools exposed to sunlight are exposed to UV rays. These UV rays are carcinogenic and can cause skin conditions. Having a pool enclosure prevents the UV rays from directly interacting with your skin and offers protection.

In addition to pool enclosures, we also offer poly carbonate roofing sheets, poly carbonate solid sheets, and glamping domes.

Excelite Pool Enclosures offer a variety of enclosures with distinct functions. They include:

  • Pool Equipment Enclosure
  • Pool Screen
  • Retractable Pool Enclosure
  • Restaurant Patio Enclosure
  • Spa Enclosures
  • Deck Enclosure
  • Alfresco Enclosure

If you are looking for high-quality pool equipment enclosures and functional swimming pool enclosures in Templestowe that offer protection for your pool for extended periods, Excelite Pool Enclosures are the ones to go to. Our polycarbonate pool enclosures offer the best value for money. We can be contacted via phone on 0452 396 680 or you can drop us an email at angela@excelite-enclosure.com.au for more details.